Monday, February 23, 2015

Progress on the South Wall Mural

The past two weeks were spent working on the south wall. I had some drawing troubles in the southeast corner and wasn't happy with how a fallen branch seemed to be floating in the painting. I re-drew it twice and re-worked the color in this area and am now happy with the outcome.  
The overall perspective on this side is also greatly improved. I will move on to the west wall next weekend. After that, I should only have a couple weeks of finishing touches on the south, east and north walls and I should be done.  

 I took some time to get an overall dining room view as part of a magazine article I was asked to contribute to. You can see how the room is shaping up in this shot. 

Monday, February 02, 2015

Mural Progress - A busy month

I am coming up on my one year anniversary for this project and I would love to get it completed before that milestone. Luckily I have little planned this month and should be able to take the time and focus on painting.
I am now about 90% done with the east wall and maybe half-done with the north and south walls. The one-year completion is an achievable goal if I can stick with it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

More Mural Progress

I got in about six hours of painting this weekend so the mural saw a lot of progress. If all goes well, I should be done with the first coat of paint on all sides of the mural. This might not sound like much but I consider it a huge accomplishment. It is time consuming and, for me, the least fun part of the painting because it doesn't look like much at that stage. 

The east wall is still the furthest along. A few more hours and I will be finished with it. 

The next furthest along is the south wall. I have several more days to finish work on this one and didn't do any work on it this past weekend. 

The west wall is the least finished of the walls and I spent some time laying down the first layer of colors on it this weekend.

I also did a lot of work on the north wall this weekend. It is the darkest toned of the walls and much of this part of the view is in shadows. It is a bit more difficult to paint for me but I think it is finally coming along. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Picture Rail Redux

As a small diversion from my ongoing mural project, I've always wanted to fix something in the house that I've never been completely happy with. When I first hung all of our artwork on the picture rails, I used the simplest way, a single cord and single hook for each. I always new I wanted to update this with a two cord system but never got around to it until now. 
The reason I wanted to use a two-cord system is twofold. First, I've never been happy with the aesthetics of the simpler system. Second, the simpler system leaves the artwork failry loose and uneven on the wall so pictures are not exactly even and some even move when the forced-air heating or air-conditioning is on.

Setting up the two-cord system is pretty simple: you run a single cord (in my case, since I am re-using old cord, I am running two cords, tied together, through eyelets in the back of the frame and then at each ends of the cord, you form a loop ad insert a hook. Keeping the cord loose in the eyelets allows you to easily level the pictures on the wall. 
Forming the loops is probably the most work-intensive part of the project. For mine, I created a loop in the cord.  
I then wrapped the loop shut tight with some brass wire.  
I crimped the brass wire tight against the cord to insure it wouldn't fall off.  
Then I repeated this step on the other end of the cord.  
I use decorative hooks that I purchased online from House of Antique Hardware. They aren't specifically Arts & Crafts style but that seems fine with me since the house has enough elements that aren't specifically that style anyway. I also wanted something with a bit of interest.  
The wire and loop system creates a neat attachment at the rail.  
I am happy with the final look because it maintains a rectilinear form on the wall and holds all of the artwork in a stead position. 
This process has allowed me to take an inventory of what we have hanging at the Tiny Bungalow and I am going to hang a few new pieces as well. I'll follow up with a bit about some of the art that we have hanging at the house and where it came from.